• Affordable Primary Care Services for Businesses and Employees.

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We redefine the delivery and accessibility of healthcare through our unlimited nationwide direct primary care membership.Through our clinics, we provide affordable and convenient medical care, wellness and chronic disease management to businesses of all sizes, nationwide. VaultDirect is committed to breaking down barriers for accessible primary care while identifying, treating and preventing health conditions before they become serious.

Healthcare, We Have a Problem

Healthcare expenses are rising. Recently, concerns such as long waiting-periods for acute illnesses, higher copays and the availability of retail healthcare has shifted patients away from Primary Care Physicians (PCPs). Resulting in fragmented care, expensive outcomes for health conditions or overall healthcare avoidance.

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We believe that access to affordable and convenient healthcare is key to living a healthier and happier lifestyle. For this reason, our members receive unlimited access to our acute direct primary care services via in-office doctor appointments.
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In addition to unlimited in-office doctors appointments, VaultDirect also services members around-the-clock with our bilingual telehealth benefit. Telehealth can be reached during and after business hours for medical consultations, prescription refills and minor acute concerns.
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VaultDirect understands that navigating the healthcare system is confusing. Because of this, every product we sell, or are embedded within, delivers a patient navigation experience that walks member through their healthcare benefits towards the most affordable and convenient solution for their needs.


VaultDirect realizes that members may need assistance identifying, treating and managing their chronic conditions. We offer assistance for 13 of the most prevalent chronic disease states to guarantee our member’s long-term health.

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Our primary care services help organizations of all sizes save money on employee healthcare costs.

VaultDirect offers solutions that will protect your bottom line while helping to keep employees healthy. We provide a variety of options for employers through our extensive network of managed clinics and nurse practitioners.

Our comprehensive suite of primary care services provide businesses a comprehensive alternative to insurance that keeps employer premiums low while enabling the delivery of quality healthcare to employees.