The Importance of Primary Care Physicians

Experts warn that this trend of moving away from a one-on-one PCP relationship drives healthcare costs up and worsens the problem of fragmented or unnecessary care. When care is shifted away from a patient-PCP relationship, there is no longer a continuous health-management conversation that is rooted in trust and respect. Partially because of this PCP absence, half of Americans have preventable, treatable chronic conditions; and treating these diseases is now one of the largest challenges impacting the delivery of healthcare today.

Multiple Factors Driving Cost of Healthcare

  • 85% of the nation’s $3.5 trillion annual health care expenditures are spent on chronic diseases
  • 50% of adults have one or more chronic conditions and one in four have two or more conditions
  • 75% of urgent care and emergency room visits do not involve urgent or emergency medical conditions
  • The average sick day in the US has now stretched from one day to three, costing the US economy over $73 billion last year
  • The average cost of a name brand drug is $138, the average cost of a generic is $35

Wage-Growth is Slow While Healthcare Expenses Skyrockets

Because of the high cost of healthcare, 92% of Americans say they have a major or minor problem paying basic healthcare bills (45% and 47% percent, respectively). A study by Kaiser Foundation illustrates the problem by outlining high healthcare increases compared to the extremely low employee wage growth over a ten year period (from 2006-2016).

  • Out-of-Pocket Spending increased 54%
  • Deductibles increased 176%
  • Co-Insurance increased 67%
  • Cost Share increased 52%

The solution - Redefine the Delivery of Healthcare

Consumer behavior has shifted towards care fragmentation and avoidance as a result of inconvenience and expense. As health insurance grows more expensive, patients need an option that redefines the delivery of their healthcare and exceeds their expectations. It is our mission to provide affordable and convenient access to excellent primary medical care, wellness and chronic disease management. Our healthcare membership is a coast-to-coast non-insurance alternative that eliminates claims while providing convenient and affordable access to medical care.